Thursday, March 18, 2010

Youth and old age

For anyone feeling his or her advancing age, this photograph says it all . . .

My parent and child "Minerva" amaryllis bulbs were planted at the same time. The child is sporting six inches of greenery. The parent? Too tired to do more than squeeze up a couple of leaf tips. I'm exhausted just thinking about how much effort was required for these slim results.

The child won't bloom for several years. The parent? Well, I thought that was on bedrest, but I'm delighted to see the flower bracts just nosing up above the bulb. Make haste slowly, as my elderly father would say with a wink.


Puffincentral said...

Congratulations on the baby amaryllis. Meanwhile, mine! Have managed to keep them alive and dormant since Christmas. Do I put them in fresh compost -they're in the stuff I bought them in, so I guess it's exhausted now - and if so, what sort? Bulb compost? John Innes No.2? Ta - D.

Doctor Mom said...

Hurray for surviving amaryllises! I would keep them in the same soil and the same pot throughout the summer--until you un-pot and chill in early autumn. Definitely fertilize every couple of weeks--I didn't do that last year and the blooms are coming small and slow.