Sunday, February 08, 2009

Peach on peach

The forced bulbs of hyacinth "Gypsy Queen" are just coming into bloom. Their color is a slightly strange mix of pink, orange, and yellow: but it looks great against the peach walls here. The waxy blossoms are intoxicating. And the scent? Intoxicatingly intoxicating.

The only drawback: just three of the five bulbs could be forced into flower. Those that didn't have little green leaves nosing up when they came out from chilling in the refrigerator never broke growth. But, oh, for those that did! More! I want more!


Nan said...

Those colors together are actually some of my favorites. There are some 'antique' pansies that are kind of peachy pink and yellowy which I just love, and I have some daylilies that have that pinkish-yellowish look to them. I think it is just beautiful. I loved your picture.

Doctor Mom said...

I'm liking these more later in the bloom period, too. The colors seem to marry better over time. I'll post another picture. I think that I know the daylily you mention but am not familiar with the pansies. I'll keep an eye out for them--I'm always on the lookout for apricot/coral/peach/salmon-colored flowers!