Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 plant orders, the first installment

A foot of snow over the holiday weekend means it's time to think about plant orders before winter craziness sets in. Stat!

Therapy for today:

1. Lobaugh's Dahlias: Rose Toscano (2 tubers), Rae Ann's Peach (1), Karras 150 (2), Park Princess (2)

2. Bluestone Perennials: Chasmanthium latifolium Northern sea oats (2), Aster novae-angliae "Purple Dome" (3)

3. Select Seeds: Sweet pea "Old Spice" (err, seed)

More later.


Northern Shade said...

I enjoy looking at other gardener's seed and plant order lists. Is 'Old Spice' supposed to be an especially fragrant sweet pea?

Doctor Mom said...

Yes, though my sense of smell is too poor to confirm in person! I've never been able to pick up a scent! I like "Old Spice" because it is fairly heat-tolerant: my plants, which run up a trellis next to the hot, sunny house wall, bloom into August. The bright, clear colors and large blossoms are great, too. The only drawback are their shorter stems.