Sunday, May 18, 2008

The green, green grass of home

Okay, here is why the notion of lawns has been lingering in my mind of late.

Last autumn, we had a French drain dug along the back of the house. At one end, it ran along the side of the house to empty into a dry well; along the other side, it connected to the town's sewer system. A lot of ground was torn up.

After the heavy machinery left, we raked and leveled and sowed seed. However, at the end of the winter, the ground had settled to an ankle-twisting unevenness and only a few clumps of grass were evident in a light spread of green. Mostly, we were growing mud.

So earlier this month, my husband undertook the arduous labor of laying sod.

He forked, tilled, raked, spread, rolled, unrolled, pinned, and watered. He enlisted some super help from my sister-in-law's landscape gardening company. And how great does this new lawn look? Really, really great!

And how does it feel? Delicious!

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No Rain said...

The lawn looks lucious and all the plants in the backgroud are absolutely beautiful! Such a difference from my desert scenery.