Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fashion victim

I try to focus on the stylish side of Mother Nature here. She's a pretty eco-chic lady, what with heirloom species, xeriscaping, and locally-grown produce. But sometimes Mother Nature receives some very bad fashion advice. The result may be visually unbalanced, horticulturally inappropriate, or just plain ugly.

Others have posted rants railing against such offenses as red mulch, gum-drop pruning, and unnecessary tree removal. Here's my addition to these blights . . .

While driving around town the other day, I was lightning-bolted by this sight. What botanical vision spawned this monstrous candy-striped worm of a flower bed? As if petunias, impatiens, begonias, and other "public garden" plants don't already have a bad enough reputation!

Then, on the way home today, I encountered a less lush but equally stripey version. What part of this looks good? It's painful to think that such an ill-conceived design was any gardener's goal. Another benefit of annuals: a short season.

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