Saturday, October 21, 2006

Homage to Japan?

Botantical intervention continues along the side of the house. DRS removed the privet stumps a few weeks ago. Last weekend, I dug in 4 cubic feet of peat moss and 240 lbs of composted cow manure and, with a late-season prayer, set in some 70 plants of Japanese spurge (Pachysandra terminalis). Thinking of the wild hostas in the alpine meadows on Dewa Sanzan, this weekend I added a few of their very domesticated North American cousins. Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia "September Beauty") will anchor the front.

Could this be my homage to Japanese gardens?

No, that would incorporate undulating lines of Japanese summersweet (Clethra barbinervis), Pieris japonica, and irises reflected among the koi and lotus blossoms of a mirror-like pool. This is just a low maintenance foundation bedding.

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diana said...

But you're achingly close to zen-like perfection. By the way, I'm thinking we might dress Lily up as a koi fsh this year for Halloween.